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Please pray for the entire church.

Church History


Sis. Susan Kennedy, Bro. Oscar Kennedy, Bro. Mike Brown, and Sis. Rosie Brown gathered on Fourth Avenue to start a church. In a month’s time, they moved in with Rev. C. B. Holmes. Later in that same year, they rented a building on Sacramento Blvd. and organized a church. The ministers at that time were Rev. Nelson, Rev. Williams and Rev. Holmes.

Bro. Harry Smith and Bro. Mike Brown built the first pulpit and paid the first month’s rent.

The first service had nine members in attendance: Bro. Mike Brown, Sis Susan Kennedy, Bro. Oscar Kennedy, Bro. Harry Smith, Sis.Vernona Smith, Bro. James West, Sis Rosie Brown, Sis. Lucindia Edingburg, Sis. Mable and Pastor Syvester Brown. They had a discussion about a name for the church. They thought about using Evening Star, but Bro. Brown went into the bible and found Mount Moriah and they decided that was the perfect name.


Sis. Smith was secretary of the Mission and Deacon West was the church secretary.

The Church then moved over onto Power Inn Road where they had purchased two lots with a house on it. Bro Smith remodeled the house into a church. He wanted to make a Pastor Parcel, but through an underhanded meeting the lots were lost.


Rev. Albert Robinson was elected as pastor. He tired to save the two lots. But by the time the church had had him check on them, it was too late for him to do anything. So, the church moved onto Burnett Way, which was purchased from St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church.

The first deaconesses were Sis. Vernona Smith, Sis. Rosie Brown and Head Deaconess Sis. Alberta Brown. The first usher was Sis. Lucindia Edingburg. Sis. Lubertha Robinson started the first choir. Also in 1960 Sis. Doris Robinson became the president of the Mission.


As the Lord continued to bless the church, in 1966 Pastor Albert Robinson sold the church on Burnett Way and bought the church at 4120 Sacramento Blvd. Later on, Sacramento Blvd was renamed to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


Bro. Lawrence Barlin became a trustee.


Bro. Allen Robinson Sr., Bro. Terry Robinson and Bro. Butler became deacons.


The church burned down in 1989, but services still continued, first at Christian Bro. High School, and then later moved to a tent in the church parking lot until the church was rebuilt later that year.


God filled our hearts with the first sermon of Bro. Allen Robinson Sr. and he was ordained in 1996.


IIn 1998, Pastor Albert Robinson took ill, and in September Preacher Allen Robinson Sr. was voted Interim Pastor. In December of that same year, the church installed a baptizing pool and had its first baptism on December 13th.


In September of 1999, Pastor Albert Robinson was called home. Six months later, in Mach of 2000, Preacher Allen Robinson Sr. was elected as Pastor.


In October of 2002 Bro. Deometrius Robinson became a deacon and Sis.
Alethea Polk became a deaconess.


On May 11th, 2003 the Mount Moriah saints had the honor of seeing Mother Vernona Smith’s Homegoing. Sis. Smith was our eldest member as well as being a founding member of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church. We thank God for her.

On August 16th, 2003, our deacon board was yet again blessed to the additions of Bro. Darnell Polk and Bro. Greg Brutus Jr. as deacons.

We are exceedingly glad that God has allowed us to be here for 54 years. We have had some good days and some hills to climb, but through it all, God has brought us and we will continue to persevere.

To the members who have joined us along the way, we are grateful for your active support, steadfastness and faithfulness. May God continue to bless us.

Thank you.